My twin in the German Forum

For those who speaks english you are welcome to speak here about everything you want about puzzles. This is a space for joining puzzle-makers from all around the world.
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My twin in the German Forum

Mensaje por MJ »

I have seen that there is people in the German Forum who like the same puzzles that other Spanish puzzleros.

Osiris (Spanish forum) have the some puzzles about Egypt themes that other German puzzlero ( I don´t understand the name)
Proyectil (Spanish forum) have the some puzzles that other German puzzlero...

It is with a parallel Universe...

I would like to know if I have a German twin too...

I would like to made puzzles of art (Klimt, Velazquez, Van Gogh...) and strange puzzles...

Someone do like them?

He visto que hay personas en el foro alemán que le gustan los mismos puzlzes que a otros puzzleros españoles.

Osiris (foro español) le gustan los mismos puzzles sore egipto que otro puzzlero aleman ( no recuerdo el nombre)
Proyectil (foro español) tiene los mismos puzzles que otro puzzlero alemán...

Es como un universo pararlelo...

Me gustaría saber si tengo un gemelo puzzlero también...

me gusta hacer puzzles de arte y puzzles extraños

Ha alguién le gustan?
a veces aunque te falta una pieza de un puzzle no significa que no este terminado :)

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Puzzlero incipiente
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Re: My twin in the German Forum

Mensaje por koalanina »

Hey MJ! Long ago since you wrote this question...

Well, as I told you I like some art puzzles and some very special ones. But I also do like many other kinds of puzzles. But I guess regarding to "very special puzzles", your german twin might be "Lebkuchen". She is not registerred here but if you like you can see her album in the german forum, if you haven't done already. She is only doing extremely complicated puzzle like all the ones from Piatnik: ... boardID=77 ("Wunschzettel" are the puzzles she wants to buy or get anytime and "im Wartezimmer" are thos she bought but hasn't done yet, the other categories are easy to understand).


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