Romantic Town - 1500 - Heye

Entre los realmente grandes y los pequeños hay muchos tamaños intermedios, aquí los puedes encontrar y exhibir.
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Romantic Town - 1500 - Heye

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Basic Data

Name: Romantic Town
Autor/Serie: Ryba
Number of pieces : 1500
Trade name: Heye
Reference-number: 29127
Dimensions:58x82 cm
Shop and price: Book Fair Leipzig

Technical Datas:

thickness (0 very thin-5 very thick): 3
quality of cut (0 very bad-5 very good):3
Fit of pieces (0 imprecise fit- 5 without fullness fit) :3
Diversity shape of pices (0 very little- 5 a lot of) :2
repeat pattern ?
Difficult (0 very easy- 5 very hard)


So, now only my brand new egg, the other two dragons you can find here and there


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